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Herbal Remedy Triggers a Career

By Lynn Bosman

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I grew up in a home where natural cooking and herbal remedies were the order of the day. We lived in a rural setting in old South Africa during the apartheid years and life was hard. My late mother had natural healing instincts and was a firm believer in many different natural remedies available from plants and herbs in the fields around us.

So naturally I had a curiosity about healing herbs and aromatic flowers. I have an older brother who left home early. He was constantly travelling to different countries. But I remember as children he complained periodically about a sharp pain in his stomach. It was diagnosed at various times by different doctors as a peptic ulcer, a gastric ulcer and a duodenal ulcer. After I got married we moved to Canada. Some years later he turned up in Canada. But by then his ulcer was much worse and he was in constant pain. He had been prescribed all kinds of drugs and was living on different medications. I was at the start of a career in aromatherapy at the time. I was working with a friend who is a recognized herbalist and well-known healer. After I told her that my brother was again in terrible pain and had suffered from the same thing for over 25 years she gave me a little bag of pink colored ‘stones’, from a dried gum called gravol. He was to chew two or three of these a few times a day till the packet of tiny stones were all finished! He had over the years taken all kinds of medications that stopped the pain temporarily but nothing had seriously help so he was naturally skeptical.

That was about 12 years ago. Three weeks after my brother had started chewing and swallowing the dried gum ‘gravol’ stones the pain stopped completely and never retuned. My friend explained that my brother had been infected by the pylori virus as a child and this was what she knew was best for that virus. After this experience with my brother’s ‘miraculous cure’ I became fully convinced that my late mother had inadvertently started my off on the right career path, and my business took off in health and healing and wellness.

Honey is not only a nourishing food, it can also be applied topically to benefit the skin. Honey is a humectant. This means that it can help the skin retain moisture. Adding honey to your homemade soaps and cosmetics gives them a number of extra advantages. If you have dry skin, honey can prevent cracking and peeling. Even if you have oily skin, honey is beneficial because it will moisturize your skin without leaving an oily film on the surface. The antioxidants in honey may also help to reduce the effects of aging such as fine lines and loss of elasticity.

Wide Angle Picture Triggers rooming House Success

By L French

This letter made $10!

I was going though a rough time after my divorce. My business was not doing well. My girlfriend had left me and my ex-wife was suing for maintenance and child support payments. My delivery vehicle had broken down and there was no money to repair the vehicle. The delivery van was my only source of income for products I was making and selling to retail stores.

I was posting ads and trying to rent rooms to help pay the mortgage: But there were few takers and competition for rooms were stiff.

A friend suggested I change the room picture in my ad because it was not showing enough of a fairly large bedroom with adjoining bathroom suite. After borrowing a camera with a wide-angle lens that showed nearly twice as much I again posted some ads. The difference was like night and day. The phone rang off the hook and with the same picture I started renting other rooms in the house.

That one picture made on a wide-angle lens and a flyer produced for me later by a dear friend about room rentals ultimately got me into the rooming house business.

One thing leads to another and from a rooming house I was able also to get into tourist hostels. I can write a book about this experience and how it turned my life around. But the bottom line is that a simple wide-angle picture dramatically changed the pulling power of my ads. And from that one small adjustment my whole life and all of my business changed.