Income Options OnlineSeries By Lee le Chat


By Lee le Chat; Publisher & Managing Editor

As I look around for an editor to take the helm at Online Income Options I think it appropriate to define in this first edition who we are, and what we strive to achieve. The South African writer, anti apartheid activist and Nobel prize winning author, Nadine Gordimer, who died recently produced what the New York Times described as arguably the best novel on political struggle of all time. In her many brilliant quotes she famously described propaganda as an attempt to persuade. She worked hard to expose the raw truth as she saw it without embellishment. We are not in the political business but as a soon-to-be international publication we know sometimes there’s a fine line between advertising and media propaganda.

Effective media propaganda can famously divert the course of history. Hitler’s Goebels did this in the second world- war. And in today’s Russia, where the Russian media regularly report stories that purport the Ukrainian army is slaughtering other Ukrainians. These blatant media lies swell the Russian President’s popularity at home. Plus it helps to rally his troops to rush in with heavy armor to “save Ukraine.” It is highly effective. It subverts the truth and puts a spin on Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea. The net effect is that millions in Russia and even some sectors of Ukraine’s own populace believe this ‘bullshit’. The point we make is simply that media can be a very powerful tool… for both good and evil.

At Online Income Options we will not indulge in puff pieces to sell ideas or products and services. But we will unashamedly offer to meet our readers at the intersection where advertising, high value content, and new perspectives report on or serve to inform of valid opportunities or open unwary eyes to the traps and pitfalls that lay hidden everywhere in business and commercial ventures. We will offer insights and new perspectives that could impact or improve any of the operations we own or start-ups we may initiate. Since this publication will essentially serve small businesses and startup operators we don’t want to pretend to be the Economist. Yet at the same time we want our readers and subscribers to look forward to valuable ideas and content.