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A dozen small businesses started quietly over the last several years will find its feet and spread its wings with this launch of Income Options Online. Entrepreneurs and would-be own business operators will find more than commonsense businesses with universal appeal here. Opportunities for participation and a place where big ideas come together will be the principle policy guidelines that underscore this magazine’s thrust to attract active players and business builders with deep desire to build their own operations.

Businesses you will read about here are not merely ideas brewing in an incubator. Most have an online presence with some websites offering support via a membership system. Some membership sites for leading businesses we plan to promote here may soon become interactive so members may be able to connect directly with each other. The cross flow of ideas and connectivity should help members to overcome issues and better understand their chosen business to build it faster. Not all websites are as yet 100% completed or ‘ready to go.’ but it is expected they will evolve right alongside a growing list of participating ‘players’.

This magazine has been created specifically as a platform to support and promote the businesses that will be featured here. In a rapidly changing world where startup businesses either blossom and bloom or quickly whither and die, and technologies evolve continually to take life and business and politics along with it in different directions, it is still true that nothing beats media to get the word out worldwide. It is why we offer both a digital subscription and an innovative distribution opportunity of the printed version.

It must be stated too that while a dozen different businesses and supporting websites will be promoted here from health and wellness through to showbiz presentations, some business campaigns will be given more prominence than others. One such business is for example our Mind Shift Show, the Question and Answer game show that cover life’s four most essential areas; love, health, sex and money. The show has been brewing for some years after initial development in Canada.

That said we are aware that all of life’s endeavors from careers and business to whole cultures and the preferred activities of various societies are as diverse as life itself. It is the reason why Income Options Online  and the businesses featured here will be as diverse as the subscribers and readership we will be serving.

We sincerely hope you will join us not only as passive reader but as an active player in any of the businesses we have created for you.


By Lee le Chat; Publisher & Managing Editor

False Advertising

As I look around for an editor to take the helm at Online Income Options I think it appropriate to define in this first edition who we are, and what we strive to achieve. The South African writer, anti apartheid activist and Nobel prize winning author, Nadine Gordimer, and who died this week produced what the New York Times described as arguably the best novel on political struggle of all time.

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Small Things Make Big Differences

by Lee le Chat

It is not enough to say that all of life is a learning process. We already know that. It is more important to be consciously aware that we are always in, and always part of, the learning process. We all have dreams. And we all struggle with our realities. This is the stuff of life. The process of turning dreams into reality depends on many, many factors, not least of which is education, awareness, upbringing, personal habits and place of birth; or more accurately where we live.

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By Lee le Chat

With the launch of this first edition of our digital media publication we are able to use our own media to grow our team of creative contributors. It is our hope that Income Options Online will attract writers, videographers and photographers whose careers will be enhanced by helping us grow the startup opportunities and online operations we have created. While we aim to eventually build a global operation we are particularly interested in hearing from contributors in Canada, U.S. Europe and South Africa at this time.

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Honey As A Skin Healer

By Corinna Underwood

Honey has been used for healing for more than two centuries. These days, it's not only one of the main ingredients in many cosmetic products from soap to body lotion, it is also gaining attention in the field of medical research, where it is showing promise as a skin healer.

Healing Honey

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Business startups incubator with supporting digital publication that act as a platform to raise visibility and generate active participation by new business players and seasoned entrepreneurs in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia need experienced content writers with business background able to cover all aspects of specific businesses developed by the group.

Selected writers will be assigned two or three businesses and required to contribute relevant and ongoing new content for each new edition. The idea is for subscribers to become familiar with the writer-researcher whose published materials in Income Options Online they come to follow closely (and maybe even his/her Twitter hash tag) with a view to becoming active players in the businesses on offer in the publication.

Submitted materials will need to be factually and professionally researched and written in tight, easily digestible format. Selected photographers will receive advance copies of writers’ submissions to enable them to decide if and which articles they would want to illustrate with their photo submissions. For more on the compensation plan and possible bonuses for consistently compelling submissions that help ”sell” a business or participation opportunity send resume to:

Partnerships - Business - Self Employment - Income Options. For Full Lineup Go Here.

Double your money
Mind Shift Show
Mind Shift Show
Ukraine Agricultre

Tiny Triggers-Lifelong Changes. Readers letters published here receive $10

Herbal Remedy Triggers a Career

By Lynn Bosman

This letter made $10!

I grew up in a home where natural cooking and herbal remedies were the order of the day. We lived in a rural setting in old South Africa during the apartheid years and life was hard. My late mother had natural healing instincts and was a firm believer in many different natural remedies available from plants and herbs in the fields around us. Read More

Wide Angle Picture Triggers rooming House Success

By L French

This letter made $10!

I was going though a rough time after my divorce. My business was not doing well. My girlfriend had left me and my ex-wife was suing for maintenance and child support payments. My delivery vehicle had broken down and there was no money to repair the vehicle. The delivery van was my only source of income for products I was making and selling to retail stores. Read More