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Income Options Online and all its name implies represent the essential mandate and raison d’etre of this magazine. As such the same name Income Options will be a special two-page feature in each edition with published details of innovative startup packages that enable readers and subscribers to activate any of the businesses sponsored here.

Two sets of starter packages representing two businesses will be featured. This edition’s program kicks off with starter materials for the showbiz enterprise Mind Shift Show and a room rentals and hostels booking business. While starter packages will not be free at $100 -$150 will come at a fraction of the cost that a business or individual would need to invest to get any of these businesses operational.

That is, without even considering the time frame and lots of hard, hard work that’s needed to bring any business to break-even. Forget for the moment even turning a profit! The two posters for Mind Shift Show here below and the show’s support websites savvtree and dreambigshop give no indication of the hundreds of thousands of upfront capital needed to get a serious information show going.

Mind Shift Show

But study carefully the posters below to see how easy we have made it for you to participate by purchasing the posters with detailed ‘How To’ manual, business cards and all else you need to be a Promoter, Presenter or Associate co-Owner of Mind Shift Show. The two companion posters go into health and beauty salons, fitness outlets, gymnasiums and businesses where people go to improve themselves, which is the company’s target demographic.

Mind Shift Show

Mind Shift Show
Details of how to get them into these places and incentives for businesses to post them in highly visible areas will be found in the ‘How To’ manual that’s shipped along with your startup package. All enquiries for tickets and show participants go to you. You start making money immediately. Plus full details of how the financing works and how much an actor, presenter, associate co-owner of any member of the show earns.

To sign up for this package that gets you into the exciting world of live information entertainment in your city go here.

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