Income Options OnlineSeries by Lee le Chat


By Lee le Chat

With the launch of this first edition of our digital media publication we are able to use our own media to grow our team of creative contributors. It is our hope that Income Options Online will attract writers, videographers and photographers whose careers will be enhanced by helping us grow the startup opportunities and online operations we have created. While we aim to eventually build a global operation we are particularly interested in hearing from contributors in Canada, U.S. Europe and South Africa at this time.

The purpose of this publication is to raise visibility of the online businesses and start-up opportunities we have created in our Canadian based incubator. These businesses can be viewed at our portal site On the portal viewers will find businesses with universal appeal designed to attract participating players in different regions.

While we happily advise that we are thankful for having received a lot of response to our ads on craigslist we readily admit that not all experienced content writers and other contributors who applied to work with us have received or been sent our initial response letter. This is due to the hurly burly of a small staff trying to do a big job. Here below for those experienced creative contributors who may still wish to join us is some information copied from that letter.

As with all standard publication teams ours will comprise of an editor, contributing writers, photographers, video producers and layout personnel. Our Publisher and Managing Editor Lee le Chat is still considering applications for a General Editor to take the helm. The format will be similar to that of some other blogs and digital publications where the lead story is accompanied by a photograph and a few paragraphs with a link to content that continues on a page in the website that the story pertains to.

To join the team and become a member we have an easy procedural format. We hope you will find to be easy, open and honest. It is request that you proceed as follows:

Please visit our portal site and decide which two businesses you would be most competent to write about in a way that adds value to our business. We expect informative articles that highlight new or unusual dimensions about a business or shows up an industry in a new light. The idea is that articles must be imminently readable, enjoyable and not be perceived as simply a puff pieces to sell products or services.

Then write one of these two articles and forward to us along with what you reasonably expect to be paid for it. Advise also what other business website you have in mind to continue with. We will then assess the article and decide if it is suitable for publication in Online Income Options. All articles and photographs will be published with names and bylines so our regular contributors may develop a following and readers may comment. This will ensure growing readership and make for a great startup publication.

Should we find your written content acceptable in the sense that entrepreneurs may be attracted by it and potential startup operators may want to become players in that specific business we will advise you promptly and discuss your required fee.

Should we quickly reach mutual agreement on the quality of your content and our rate of pay you will find we pay immediately by Interact transfer in Canada or via Pay Pal internationally.

This can be attested to by new contributors responsible for some of the articles appearing in this first edition. If perchance you applied before but did not yet get a response we apologize for the inconvenience and urge you to apply again.